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 You will be provided with videos on various sales related topics, backed by tried and tested techniques. All subjects are provided with practical solutions that are easy to understand and directly applicable to your business. The idea of this training is to cover the foundation of becoming a confident retail salesman and ensuring your professionalism when dealing with customers. When it comes to pure retail sales, this foundation training will have you ripe and ready to start selling in your industry.Enrol Now

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Today’s jewelry market and trends

The jewelry industry is expected to grow at a rapid rate, until 2020 and beyond. Certain segments of the industry are particularly shining brighter in terms of current market trends, and...

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Does competition really kills?

We have all heard it before, competition really kills! This is even truer for the jewelry industry, where any business that distinguishes itself in key factors will have a distinct advant...

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Power of effective training in retail

Effective retail sales training is used to engage a customer, parlay value, and close every sale. Your retail staff must be trained in these areas, to ensure that the sales process is gre...

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