Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Retail Actions, your privacy is our utmost concern. We keep all information retrieved from you private and will not sell or share with a third party without your consent. We are bound by law and know fully well the place of personal information in data collection and processing.

We ask that you take some time to go through our privacy policy to know the information we collect, how we collect them and what we do with such data.

Data Retrieved from you

To offer the best service possible to our numerous customers, we retrieve different types of data from users of our website. We have different methods on how we collect data from you. This can be through emails, telephone calls, and written communications.

Processing the Information collected

First, we retrieve information from you to be of better service, personalized and of high efficiency.

We use your data for a variety of needs. Your information can be stored for record purposes, used to process requests and to reach you later on about new development on our services.

Disclosure of your Information

 It is our responsibility to safeguard your personal details with us from third parties. However, it is only on rare instances that we may be legally compelled to disclose some information that may be requested from us. This doesn’t translate to your identity being under threat of any sort.

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